2017 Multifaith Calendar – Love & Compassion

Celebrating its 31st year, the 2017 Multifaith Calendar’s theme is ‘Love and Compassion.’

Look around – what in this world could not benefit from a little more love and compassion? Think about your neighbourhood, office, classroom, city, country, world – everyone benefits from
an outpouring of love and compassion. In Canada, where the Multifaith Action Society produces the Multifaith Calendar every year, we are celebrating our 150th year (sesquicentennial anniversary) of confederation.

And as a country Canada has a long history of love and compassion – even when it comes to our internal and external government policies.
For almost half a century, we have believed and delivered in a system of universal healthcare for all Canadian citizens. Around the world, we are known as peacekeepers and a safe haven for people fleeing oppression. We have opened our hearts and our borders and our pockets to fund humanitarian projects at home and around the world. We believe in love and compassion as integral Canadian qualities and so we asked our artists to explore this theme.

Where do you find love and compassion? We believe no matter where you live, or what your circumstances, we all have our daily sufferings and our pain. Whether it is emotional, physical or spiritual pain, love and compassion are always a balm to the body and the soul.

We can have compassion for oneself, for other people, for the environment, for animals, for a life condition or illness – in fact whenever your heart responds to pain and suffering – you are called to be compassionate. In other words, you are being called to act in a way that relieves suffering because at its heart, compassion and love are not passive but active agents in the world. Love and compassion calls us to reach us to one another: to join and not separate; to see unity and not division.

Erich Fromm writes: “Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence.”

Our 2017 Multifaith Calendar is dedicated to exploring this theme.

2017 MFC cover artist: Daniel Nevins: ‘Haven’

Oil on wood panel, 25″ x 48″; www.danielnevins.com

“This painting, ‘Haven’, is concerned with the idea of one giving shelter and a sense of belonging to their beloved. In troubled times, we can each provide solace by creating a safe place for the other.

Published annually by the Multifaith Action Society (MAS), the Multifaith Calendar is a unique educational resource that facilitates understanding of religious observances, occasions and festivals important to a wide spectrum of cultural and faith communities. The 2016 edition of the MFC marks the 30th year of publication.

The Multifaith Calendar assists in recognizing and respecting the diversity across our faith communities, while at the same time seeking to celebrate the values we hold in common. We expect to learn from each other and assume from our experience that the faith we each espouse will be enriched by interaction with those of other beliefs and traditions.

More specifically, the Multifaith Calendar offers insight into the world’s major faiths – a window that gives not only accurate information on each of the major holidays and festivals, including their dates and significance, but detailed historical information of these faiths and their relationship to time. With this information, we can better understand the cultures from which they emerge.

Our Calendar provides accurate dates with descriptions for the world’s major religions and the cultural festivals of most ethnic groups in North America. Included are dates for: Aboriginal Spirituality, Baha’i Faith, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Shintoism, Sikhism, Unitarianism, Wiccan and Zarathushti (Zoroastrianism). In addition, the MFC identifies examples of 20th Century Religions, including Scientology.

The Calendar is also a carefully selected collection of art work. Each year a new theme is chosen and artists from across North America and internationally submit work for consideration. We are proud to say that these images are original works of art from a wide variety of artists.

• The Calendar allows managers in local offices to demonstrate the company’s commitment to diversity. For example, staff of different faith communities can be invited to hold social events for their colleagues to broaden their mutual awareness and understanding.

• The Calendar makes an attractive gift for clients and for staff—a gift that reinforces your company’s commitment to diversity.

• The Calendar is an attractive addition to a workspace or break room.

• Environmentally conscious, the printed MFC has the following certifications: Forest Stewardship Council; Rainforest Alliance; and, EcoLogo.


Calendars cost $16.00

  • for 1 Calendar: $4.30
  • for 2 Calendars: $4.95
  • 3 to 4 is $10 Parcel Post
  • We offer free delivery for 5 or more calendars within the city.

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