Lunch & Learn


In 2008 one of our founders, Don Mayne, initiated a new monthly program called Lunch & Learn and it quickly became very popular. We held it in the Ashbourne board room across the hall from our office; it was a warm and lively hour of sharing good information and conversation.
Sadly, COVID-19 interrupted these in-person meetings. However, the Lunch & Learn series has continued on Zoom, and this has allowed us to preserve these these presentations for the enjoyment and education of others.

September 5, 2023Non-Persian and Biblical Accounts of Two Great Persian Kings
August 22, 2023Prejudice and Hate Crimes Through the Ages: The Antisemitism Example
June 21, 2023The Rehabilitation of Oberammergau’s Passion Play
May 15, 2023Service: A Muslim Chaplain’s Journey to Providing
Spiritual Care
March 8, 2023Neurodiversity, ADHD, and Interfaith
February 1, 2023What’s Out Where?– An Attempt to Understand the “Paranormal” (Where Do We Go From Here III)
January 11, 2023The 2 Entities in All of Us! (Where Do We Go From Here II)
December 14, 2022Are We Predestined or Do We Have Choices? (Where Do We Go From Here I)
June 13, 2022A Glimpse Into the Beyond
May 9, 2022The Spirit of Work
April 11, 2022Making Faith & Religion Alive
March 14, 2022Canada’s Sexual Exploitation Laws: What’s at Stake?
January 24, 2022What is Yalda?
December 13, 2021Creating and Reclaiming Indigenous Space in an Urban Centre
November 17, 2021CEASE
October 21, 2021The History of Ukrainians in Canada

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