Christianity from Jewish Groups to Roman Religion

On Monday June 10 at noon, our speakers will be Rev. Dr. Bruce Miller and John Wright, recently returned from the Jesus Seminar. The Seminar is a gathering of theological scholars who share their perceptions of religion apart from any particular denomination, but do not interpret their findings for any one. Their title is, “From Jesus to Constantine,” or perhaps “Christianity: from Jewish Groups to Roman Religion”. Their focus will be on the period when Christianity emerged as a separate religion from Judaism.  Scholars seem to be pushing the date of the separation later and later, and John, the author of the Book of Revelation, writing near the end of the first century does not see himself as a Christian, but a zealous Jew convinced that Jesus is the anointed one.

 Entrance is through the back door in the lane across from Tim Horton’s, bring your lunch if you like, drinks provided, $2.00 donation gratefully accepted.