Lunch & Learn: The Rehabilitation of Oberammergau’s Passion Play

On June 21 at noon, our Lunch and Learn speaker was Lea Nicoll Kramer. Following in the footsteps of her parents, who attended the 350th anniversary passion play in 1984, Lea and her husband Dean were privileged to attend the 42nd OPP on June 22, 2022. This talk was Lea’s reflection on that experience and on the fundamental reforms that have been made to the production since Christian Stuckl became the director of the 39th play in 1990.     

Lunch & Learn: Service: A Muslim Chaplain’s Journey to Providing Spiritual Care

On May 15, 2023 at noon, our speaker was Ibrahim Cin. He holds an MTS degree from St. Stephens’ College (U of A) and has served as a Chaplain and Spiritual Care Provider at Alberta Islamic Foundation and in the military. His presentation, “Service: A Muslim Chaplain’s Journey to Providing Spiritual Care”, was given to an in-person audience and over Zoom.

Lunch & Learn: Making Faith & Religion Alive

Our speaker this month was Pierre Rousseau, a professor at Faculte St. Jean who recently took his class to visit Temple Beth Ora, Edmonton’s Reform synagogue. We asked him to reflect on how that kind of in-person experience with people, traditions and houses of worship from a variety of faith traditions is important in building understanding and respect for diverse religious traditions. What other courses promote interfaith understanding? What are the students’ backgrounds and what is the impact of this program on them? What are the discussions like after a visit? Have you seen any long-lasting effect of their experiences visiting other churches/temples/synagogues, etc.?

Lunch & Learn: Canada’s Sexual Exploitation Laws: What’s at Stake?

Kathy King ( and Kate Quinn ( provided a global overview of how different countries approach criminalization, legalization and the Equality Model. We addressed root causes of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking and the multiple impacts. This topic was very timely because the federal Justice Committee is hearing presentations in February – March about whether to remove all laws (total decriminalization) or to maintain Canada’s version of the Equality Model.