2020 Multifaith Calendar: Reimagining Peace and Harmony

Published annually by the Multifaith Action Society (MAS), the Multifaith Calendar is a unique educational resource that facilitates understanding of religious observances, occasions and festivals important to a wide spectrum of cultural and faith communities. Featuring 26 pieces of original art from visual artists across North America and Internationally, the 2020 MFC marks the 34th year of publication and features the theme: Reimagining Peace and Harmony.

Who does not want world peace and harmony in their lives? It is an almost universal desire. But today, the world seems to be moving away from this ideal. What do you think peace looks like? Is it different from harmony? We all have moments of peace. We can in fact take a snap shot of the moment where we felt peace, but then it seems the moment moves away from us. Harmony is a little more fluid. It is not just one thing or one moment. Harmony is often created when many notes or many things come together in a new way and create a feeling. The 2020 Multifaith Calendar offers the opportunity to reflect on reimagining these two precious commodities in today’s world. Enjoy!

SRP:  $15.95 (Cdn)

2020 MFC ISBN:  978-0-9866311-9-1

Dimensions:  L: 31.5 cm  /  W: 24 cm  (L: 12.5”  /  W: 9.5”)