2024 Multifaith Calendar: Reclaiming Our Happiness

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Dimensions:  L: 31.5 cm  /  W: 24 cm  (L: 12.5”  /  W: 9.5”)

Whether it’s gazing up a beautiful sunset on a warm summer evening, welcoming a newborn child into the world, or the excitement of exploring a new place, everyone can fondly recall a moment in which they felt truly happy. But how, after having endured the hardships of the last few years, can we bring ourselves to not only inhabit, but ultimately embody that feeling? To elevate ourselves to a place where we can inspire feelings of joy in others, and move forward with assurance that we’re ready and able to affect positive the change we so sorely need.

Look inside and see what will make us smile once again and continue to build hope for the future. We hope this gives you an idea of the fertile space we hope to explore in the new 2024 Multifaith Calendar: Reclaiming Our Happiness.

What’s New for 2024Over the years, the Multifaith Calendar has been privileged to feature aboriginal seasons and moons according to different First Nations, including Nisga’a (northwestern BC) and Ojibwa (eastern BC to western Quebec and in the upper and mid-west in the US), Cree (across western and central Canada and Quebec as well as in Montana), and Coast Salish (Pacific Northwest). This year, the 2024 Multifaith Calendarfeatures moons and months as observed by the Mi’kmaq First Nations.

The Mi’kmaq are a First Nation of Indigenous people whose territory—called Mi’kma’ki—spans the maritime provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and parts of Newfoundland and Quebec. The Mi’kmaq have lived there for 11,000 years and their language is one of the Eastern Algonquian family of languages. The Mi’kmaw Moons names denote the passage of time by reflecting activities in the natural world through the seasons.

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